What is KYC in Crypto?

    Privacy has a special place in the crypto space. The example of Satoshi is the most important proof of this. People may not want to reveal their identities for different reasons. 

    Unfortunately, we often come across scam-rug pulls in new projects in the crypto space. This is a negative situation for the crypto space in general and for all investors. KYC is carried out both as a means of keeping the identity of the project owners confidential and as a factor of trust to the investors.


    The meaning of our KYC service

    This KYC service is provided by the team. The purpose of this service is to make the crypto space more reliable. This service also helps investors to make evaluations.

    It should be noted that the KYC process does not make a project completely secure. We identify the owner of a project by doing KYC. And we store this information securely. If the project does rug pull or scam, we publish the identity of project owner.


    To owners of projects: We periodically check the projects that have passed our KYC process. If we find out about a scam or rug pull, we will disclose your identities, and file a criminal complaint against you in your country of residence.


    To investors: If you think a project that has passed our KYC process is a scam or rug pull, let us know. Please also explain why you think so. Our team will review your submissions and, if true, will reveal the identity of the project owners.

    People who go through the KYC process are informed. If they scam or rug pull:

    • We will file a criminal complaint with the relevant department of their country.
    • We will also disclose their information. (Note: We should add that we will not disclose information such as address to avoid any witch hunt. We will only use this information to file a criminal complaint.)
    • If the investors listed below contact through their lawyers, all documents obtained during the KYC process will be shared.
    • Those who live in the same country as the scammer
    • Citizens of the same country as the scammer
    • Those who have a lawyer in the country where the scammer lives
    • Those who have a lawyer in the country where the scammer is a citizen


    Who can Access the Info Given the KYC Process?

    The information given to us during the KYC process is stored securely. Data is stored on 2 separate devices that are not connected to the internet. The data is never shared with other people and institutions. The storage period is 5 years.

    Only the team can access the data.


    Why is Our KYC Service More Reliable? In fact, over 99% of Rugpulls were conducted by anonymous teams. 73% of people said they were more likely to invest in a project with KYC vs. an anonymous team. You’re potentially losing out on 73% of your audience by not having the right KYC – Chainalysis. Based on their attitude towards a scam, we can roughly divide the KYC providers into 2:

    1st group: These KYC providers share the team’s information publicly in case of a possible scam. They don’t make criminal charges against team members. They hope that investors will file a criminal complaint with the information they share.

    2nd group: These KYC providers, on the other hand, file a criminal complaint against team members in case of a possible scam. But they don’t make this information public.


    So, what does KYC Service do?

    First, it would be helpful to know: We cooperate with a law firm for all legal aspects.

    The KYC program includes extensive real-time identity verification as well as professional vetting through our trusted third-party vendor.

    In our opinion, just sharing the team’s information is not enough. A criminal complaint must also be filed. It would also be very difficult for investors to sue with this information. Because only a photo and a selfie written by the project information is not enough for the person to go to prison. We know the laws. We also know what evidence the police and the court need.

    We do all that the first and second group did. 

    In addition, we share all information with the victims’ lawyers. Thus, more than one criminal complaint can be made. It is not enough to just publish the photos of the scammers. We believe that scammers must face the court and the police.

    • More reliable for investors
    • The Most Secure KYC Program in Crypto
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    KYC Fee

    KYC Costs will depend on the project’s development team, the configuration of access to the deployer, and other pertinent security details. Please contact a sales associate for an accurate quote.