ESG Study: Methane-Fueled Bitcoin Mining Can Eliminate 5.32% Of Global Emissions

    It’s all concerning the methane. Finally, an ESG analyst takes a take a look at the info and offers bitcoin mining the reward it deserves. In the paper “Quantifying the Potential Impact of Bitcoin Mining on Global Methane Emissions,” Daniel Batten confirms what Bitcoinist has been saying. Bitcoin mining is an ally to the setting. Not solely that, it’s the one business with the required traits and incentive construction to take action.

    And ESG Analyst and ClimateTech VC, Daniel Batten revealed the research beneath the Batcoinz brand. It’s the primary publish on the web page and it brought about fairly a stir already. “Bitcoin mining is currently the only way of reducing these methane emissions which is both technologically feasible and does not require significant behaviour change in order to work,” the paper claims. 

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    And Batten and firm say that’s “the only way” as a result of the bitcoin mining business  has “the unique combination of being location-agnostic, mobile and interruptible makes Bitcoin mining the only economically feasible use case for the two major sources of leaking methane emissions examined in this paper.”

    And “to those who previously believed that BTC had a negative environmental impact,” Batten and firm have a message. “We fully realize this finding may be a surprise. As environmentalists ourselves, we were also surprised & had to work against inbuilt biases as each new fact kept contradicting each prior beliefs.”

    It’s essential to level out that Daniel Batten also claims, “We received no funding for this research. We have no affiliation with Bitcoin mining or similar companies. If you find flaws, let us know. We’ll keep improving.”

    What Does The ESG Study Say About Methane?

    Why is bitcoin consistently attacked by the ESG crowd? Because “bitcoin mining’s energy consumption is obvious, but its environmental benefit is not immediately obvious. Perhaps for this reason, it is easy to make a premature and superficial assessment based only on energy consumption that Bitcoin has a net negative environmental impact. Such reasoning is flawed, since net impact can only be established by considering both environmental cost and benefit.”

    And what’s the profit on this case? Well, the study is simply about methane and its outcomes mirror the “minimum achievable target.” That signifies that the share of world emissions that bitcoin can eradicate might be larger than 5.32%. The research explains:

    “We only quantified net CO2-eq impact where Bitcoin mining was the only economically viable technology able to combust that methane. Our results will give a minimum achievable target, as we only quantified the environmental benefit of combusting flared gas and landfill gas: these being the largest methane emitters, collectible by miners.” 

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    Dispelling Misconceptions

    The research quotes Inger Andersen, Executive Director of UNEP, saying “cutting methane is the strongest lever we have to slow climate change over the next 25 years and complements necessary efforts to reduce carbon dioxide.” Still, most people has a number of misconceptions about “bitcoin mining using methane as a power source.”

    While the research dispels these misconceptions, we study that utilizing the methane-fuelled power for one thing extra sensible “is neither economically nor logistically possible. Unless you want to build a hospital or a residential housing village in the middle of an oilfield.” Power can solely journey to this point. On the opposite hand, “mobile Bitcoin miners are the only location-agnostic user happy to locate in the oilfield, who can start using this power and removing harmful methane immediately.”

    Conclusion: Bitcoin Is The Environment’s Best Friend

    The information are the information, “using Bitcoin mining to combust leaking methane sources can eliminate 5.32% of all global emissions by 2045. This represents 23% of all global methane emissions: more than half the UNEP’s targeted reduction of methane of 45% by 2045.” Those are massive numbers. 

    That’s not all, although. “Bitcoin mining has the realistic potential to help humanity avoid nearly 0.15% of warming by 2045. To our knowledge, this can be legitimately claimed by no other technology,” the research says. And it does all of it by itself, bitcoin doesn’t want “carbon credits, government regulation, and government funding.” How can it accomplish that? Because since bitcoin mining “makes business sense to both the emitter and the miner, it can take place through private business deals.”

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    After going via the numbers and producing the research, what does Daniel Batten consider now? He stated so via Twitter, “An ESG attack on BTC weakens the credibility of ESG, not BTC.”

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