3 Lessons From The Oslo Freedom Forum: Bitcoin As A Tool – Mallers, Roem, Fang

    The Oslo Freedom Forum delivered among the most thought-frightening concepts about what makes bitcoin particular and priceless past mere value. And fortunately, the organizers reduce these one-minute movies for us to devour stated concepts. And even luckier nonetheless, Bitcoinist determined to echo them and paint a unique image of the asset our publication is called after.

    We’ve already featured individuals from everywhere in the world – one, two, three – and this new trio will not be totally different. Each one will make a stunning level concerning the bitcoin community that may appear apparent any longer. The Oslo Freedom Forum made bitcoin thought-leaders to see the scenario from a unique perspective. Let’s learn what they got here up with.

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    Oslo Freedom Forum: Jack Mallers On Bitcoin As Rails

    Strike’s CEO and bitcoin wonderboy, Jack Mallers has explained before the chances that an open community like bitcoin brings. This time, although, he adapts to the Oslo Freedom Forum viewers and elaborates and goes into the censorship-resistant qualities it has. 

    “We think of it as the global payment standard for the world. Think of it this way. There’s an open, accessible set of instructions that if you integrate these instructions, you are interconnected with the entire planet. To settle value at the speed of light and at no cost. And no one can tell you otherwise. And no one can deplatform you. And if you want to use it, you have every right. If you don’t, you don’t have to. But if you need to, you can. And that is the tremendous property that Bitcoin enables.”

    Oslo Freedom Forum: Janine Roem On Censorship Resistance

    Janine Roem – Cypherpunk, journalist, and privateness educator – elaborates on the censorship-resistant thought. She additionally explains the idea that bitcoin is “money for enemies” to the Oslo Freedom Forum. 


    You already know that there’s just one asset that meets these requirements. Only one asset within the historical past of the world. 

    “I feel that it is important to have a monetary system where it passes that test and that’s why and is the central reason I got interested in Bitcoin because it passes that test since 2011. It’s been passing that test even at a time when it was relatively small so I would expect any kind of CBDC to pass that test and if it doesn’t I say I am not interested.”

    Oslo Freedom Forum: Hong Fang On Bitcoin As A Free Monetary System

    Hong Fang, CEO of the OKcoin trade, reminisces and tells the Oslo Freedom Forum concerning the second she determined to affix the bitcoin area. This new asset class’ unprecedented traits change the principles of the sport. And, contemplating the sport was rigged to start with, this could solely be constructive for the business. 

    “But what I learned when I was at Goldman, particularly during the financial crisis, there’s an element of imbalance, an element of unfairness in the system, in the current system where we are talking about free markets. There was something that was not totally free, and I didn’t realize that until in 2016 when I came across Bitcoin, when I realized, okay, this is something that represents a free monetary system that has never been done before in the way that it was designed. Where the money is not created by any government, is not backed by any government or any central organization, but somehow can help people form consensus, thereby enable value transmission on a large scale between individuals. That in itself was unprecedented and can actually help us fix things. That’s how me personally got into Bitcoin. And I got into the space.”

    Those are sufficient harmful concepts for at present. Join Bitcoinist quickly for extra philosophical motion from the Oslo Freedom Forum’s streets. 

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    Oslo Freedom Forum, Fode Diop on stage

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